1. We wish to offer a pleasureful stay in the middle of Kõveri forests for all of our quests, so we ask everyone to follow the common etiquette and politeness rules. Holiday Centre quests are always welcome to come back.
  2. Following the regulations is compulsory for all the visitors in the Holiday Centre territory, outside it, we ask you to take into account the interests of the landowners.
  3. With the delivery of the rooms and territory, the Kõveri Holiday Centre OÜ and client will make a non-living room’s contract. Te client will be responsible for observing it.
  4. Client has to take care that everyone invited will follow the regulations. Client is responsible for their behavior and its consequences.
  5. The quests are welcome from 2pm on the agreed date. Rooms must be cleaned and the keys must be handed out on the agreed leaving date before 2pm. With the bigger events, the coming and leaving times will be agreed on separatey.
  6. The territory and rooms of the Holiday Centre will be given to the client cleaned and furnished. Leaving the place unclean adds a cleaning payment to a price according to the price list.
  7. On the territory of Holiday Centre and walking path, it is allowed to make fire only in a designated area. If you want to use your own barbecue, please inform us beforehand.
  8. Trash (especially cigarette butts) must be thrown to the trash cans.
  9. Swimming in the lake, which is in the territory of Holiday Centre is on your own      responsibility. Younger than 7 years old children can only go to the water under the supervision of their parents.
  10. You need a permission for fishing from the lake. Fishing is only allowed with handline.
  11. Holiday Centre is not responsible for your lost of damaged belongings.
  12. Visitors have to take into consideration other visitors interests and needs.
  13. Riding and parking motor vehicles is only allowed on the designated areas.