Booking conditions

  1. For using Holiday Centres buildings and territory, please make a booking from internet: or send a price inquiry by email:
  2. After your price inquiry we will send you an offer, where you can find the dates, prices and other special conditions. Holiday Centre will not take any oblications.
  3. Booking the Holiday Centre can only be confirmed with written confirmation and prepayment. After prepayment a contract between client and Holiday Centre, which includes Holiday Centre booking conditions and the Centre’s  regulations, will be made. If the client will not pay the repayment by the given date, the booking will not be obtained.
  4. NB! The repaiment will not be payed back when cancelling the booking.
  5. Client will designate the person (clients agent)  who will be responsible for the quests. Agent must come to the Holiday Centre 2 hours before quests, to agree on details of the event (Parking motorcycles, sharing rooms etc.)
  6. Agent must introduce Holiday Centre’s regulations.
  7. Client and/or the ones, client is responsible for, must compensate caused damages in cash or by the submitted bill.

Approved by Kõveri Holiday Centre management in 15.05.2013.