Gift cards

Kõveri gift cards:

Gift cards are perfect for making a surprise for your lover, friend or family member. Also it’s a way to reward your workers or surprise your business partners.

*Gift card can’t be changed for money.
*Lost or broken gift cards will not be replaced.
*Gift cards will be applied to one year.

After making an order, you can pay the bil by cash in Kõveri Recreation Centre or make a bank transfer to a given account. After paying for gift card, we will issue it to you in Kõveri Holiday Centre or by post.

The best gift is the experience in Kõveri.

You can preorder the gift cards by phone:  +372 5689 2858 or by email:

* Gift card for accomodation in Kõveri: 50 euros
*Gift card for arhcery trails with animal targets (for 6 people, with practising): 60 euros